Tamarack Website

We recently began working with Tamarack to create an extensive website that attracts both local customers and vendors of Raleigh County and surrounding areas and visitors to the state who are passing through. Through a new website and working closely with individuals at Tamarack we were able to bring on a new never-before-seen face to the online presence of Tamarack WV.

What is Tamarack?

Tamarack truly is the Best of West Virginia boasting a regional showcase of WV made Arts & Crafts, special events, craft demonstrations, a Fine Art gallery, a Theater, and a food court featuring treats created by their master chefs.

Matching the Aesthetic

Through countless visits to Tamarack ourselves we hope to have created a strong and recognizable aesthetic unlike any other in the area. After all, Tamarack is very recognizable itself from the architecture of the building, the stellar stained-glass doors at the entrance to the gallery, and the employees who make everything mesh together into a beautifully unique establishment here in Appalachia. Through our work on the new website we sought to compliment these features and showcase the Appalachians and artisans that make Tamarack what it is today – the best of West Virginia.

The final design and marketing implementation is one that we are very proud of. If you have a project or business that you think we could help with, please contact hello@raveka.com.