Pub-Licity Website

We recently began working with Pub-Licity to create an extensive marketing campaign and website that attract locals of Raleigh County and surrounding areas. Through social media management and a new website, we were able to succeed with the company’s vision.

What is Pub-Licity?

Pub-Licity is a unique spin on the pub life with the addition of an electric atmosphere coupled with modern gaming consoles for friends and family to enjoy. While these aspects alone are enough to make someone want to visit and see what the fuss is all about, the fun doesn’t stop at with the games and atmosphere at Pub-Licity. They also offer a wide selection of savory side dishes, entrees, sandwiches, and desserts!

Matching the Aesthetic

Pub-Licity sought after an electric and modern feel for their business that attracts younger adults and middle-aged adults alike. The vibrant colors of the interior design match the billboards, menus, social media, and webpage we’ve created for them to make up a complete and cohesive digital package. We sampled the internal lighting and utilized it to assist in the entire design of the brand to create a strong, recognizable aesthetic unlike any other in the area.

The final design and marketing implementation is one that we are very proud of. If you have a project or business that you think we could help with, pleaseĀ contact