Chocolate Moose

Chocolate Moose Website

We worked with one of the most popular businesses in Beckley, West Virginia named chocolatemoosewv.com on a brand new website that showcases all of the fun and exciting things happening at their venue. Rock climbing, miniature golf, and a cup of coffee are only a few of the things this hidden gem offers.

The Chocolate Moose, formerly known to many as The Little Brick House, offers a thrilling day for any adventurer, or a relaxing day for someone looking for a place to study, read a book, or play board games with friends. Once a small shop with knickknacks, candles, and beanie babies has transformed into a place anyone, of any age, can hang out together.

Look & Feel

Many people still thought of and referred to The Chocolate Moose as The Little Brick House, with our redesign we sought to change that. From the moment you visit the website, we show off how the business has grown from a small shop into a place with several activities for all ages. We used bright shades of orange, green, and blue that mimic the colors found on the miniature golf balls. We also used a dark brown color that screams “coffee!” to complement the other brighter colors of the design. Through the combination of playful typography and colors, we hope to have built something that appeals to all ages.

Beyond the color palette, we wanted to show off what the business has going on through social live feeds showing every corner of the business. We did this by taking the Mountain State Miniature Golf, Outside In Climbing Gym, and The Chocolate Moose Facebook feeds into one easy to browse place. There’s always something new going on at The Chocolate Moose!

The final outcome is a project that we had a blast creating and we’re very proud of the result. If you have a project that you think we could help with, please contact hello@raveka.com.

Daniel Vineyards

Daniel Vineyards Website

We worked with West Virginia based business danielvineyards.com on a new website that takes their business to the modern era by showcasing all of the upcoming events they have going on at the venue year-round.

Daniel Vineyards is a family-owned and operated conservation grape farm and winery nestled in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. They offer a gorgeously scenic property and collaborate with other local farms and businesses to educate and inspire through farm-to-table, tangible experiences.

Website & Branding

The website needed to encompass a beautiful user experience while showcasing everything the venue has to offer. Wedding goers, wine enthusiasts, and individuals just looking for a fun day out are all welcome to stop by the vineyards.

We used different tones of deep purples and creamy whites through the website that are commonly found among the wide variety of grapes and wines at the vineyard. By using a familiar and consistent color palette and elegant design we hoped to create an easy to use, balanced and informative experience for anyone that comes to the vineyard.

The final outcome is a project that is genuinely one of our favorites that we’ve ever had the pleasure to work on. If you have a project that you think we could help with, please contact hello@raveka.com.