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We’re a Web Design & Marketing Team based in West Virginia named RAVEKA.


Chocolate Moose Logo

Our Chocolate Moose WV redesign focuses on bringing every aspect of the business into one easy to digest page. Through a playful color palette and fun typography, we capture the type of excitement that can be had at their business. In addition to the redesign, the website now features a storefront and a separate application that was built specifically for mini golfers to keep track of their scores via any modern mobile device. Who wants to deal with pencils and paper while they’re golfing anyway!?

Ongoing website maintenance keep The Chocolate Moose shining like the diamond that it is. We continuously update the site as seasons pass and the business grows.

Chocolate Moose Website
Shop Beckley Logo

Our ShopBeckley redesign focuses on the core part of their business – helping locals stay up to date with all of the events and businesses popping up in Beckley, West Virginia. The goal of ShopBeckley is to provide the local community with a simple to use gateway to businesses, jobs, events, housing, and discounts in the area.

Shop Beckley Website
Beckley Rocks Logo
Beckley Rocks Website
Stained Classe Logo

Stained Classe focuses on custom made glass panels and stained glass classes for locals.

Stained Classe Website
Stained Classe Logo

Our Daniel Vineyards redesign showcases their beautiful property and venue. They offer a evergrowing selection of quality homemade wine, beer, and even a disc golf course coming soon!

Stained Classe Website


Raveka brings together multiple disciplines of marketing and design to build a digital product that meets the specific needs of your organization or business.

We research, prototype ideas, and figure out how the things we’re making will work as a larger system, then refine the successful parts. This allows us to offer a beautiful and consistent design across all of your brand. Together we are able to form the highest quality web design and marketing campaign to grow your product.

Finally, we deploy your brand across the web and maintain your image so you can focus on what you know best – your business.

Brandon Lingerfelt


Hey, my name is Brandon and I’m the project designer and web guy at Raveka. I take special care with each design to ensure when someone comes across your business they always see the best you. Every website I build is entirely customized to your specific business and tailored to your needs.

All of my designs are responsive and heavily optimized so your customers never miss a beat. There’s nothing worse than your site taking too long to load or not being mobile-friendly and losing customers.

Jared Kaplan


I’m Jared. I leverage my social media knowledge to grow and effectively manage your company’s online presence. I’ve spent several years implementing social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I effectively connect your company with new customers while keeping current customers engaged with your brand.

Together, we ensure your company has consistent design elements and messaging across the web as this is vital to the success of your business.


Hello@Raveka.com • 304-877-1230

We work with personal creatives and businesses alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, we can help.