Homegrown Web Design

We’re a Web Design and Marketing team based in Beckley, West Virginia. Our business helps other businesses make a big impact through extensive research and experience in website design. We deliver unmatched high-quality modern designs people love.


Media Production

We offer eloquent video and animation services to keep your brand interactive and exciting for your customers. Our media production techniques help new brands hit the ground running and old brands re-establish their products and services.


Intelligent Advertising

We build dependable advertising strategies for businesses. Many times businesses have a stellar product to offer but they just don’t know how to reach their customers – that’s where we come in. We spend your marketing dollars where they count to have the greatest impact on your sales.


Branding With Heart

Your branding portrays your company’s values, distinguishes you from your competition, and sets the tone for your customer’s expectations. Whether you have been nurturing and developing your brand or you are ready to launch a new product or service we always have a unique perspective on what your brand could be.


The Team

Raveka brings together multiple disciplines of marketing and design to build a digital product that meets the specific needs of your organization. We research, prototype ideas, and figure out how the things we’re making will work as a larger system, then refine the successful parts. This allows us to offer a beautiful and consistent design across all of your brand. Together we are able to form the highest quality web design and marketing campaign to grow your product. Finally, we deploy your brand across the web and maintain your image so you can focus on what you know best – your business.


Hey, my name is Brandon and I’m the project designer and web guy at Raveka. I take special care with each design to ensure when someone comes across your business they always see the best you. Every website I build is customized to your specific business and tailored to your needs.

Our web and design products are responsive, consistent, well-coded, and heavily optimized so your customers always have a wonderful time visiting your online brand. Let’s create something special together.


I’m Jared. I leverage my social media knowledge to grow and effectively manage your company’s online presence. I’ve spent several years implementing social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I effectively connect your company with new customers while keeping current customers engaged with your brand.

Together, we ensure your company has consistent design elements and messaging across the web as this is vital to the success of your business.